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25 January 2015 @ 11:37 pm
So, a few months ago, I started working at a chain discount store and was introduced to a myriad of unhealthy food that was available for $1.00! One meal sticks out from the rest, and I gotta admit - I'm hooked. Tonight, as I was prepping the awesome yumness, I started thinking of my favorite instant ramen.

1. Nongshim Shin Ramyun


This is by far, my ABSOLUTE favorite instant ramen. The flavor is bold, and it has this amazing hot, spicy kick to it. I buy these by the caseload, both the on-the-stove and the cup version. My mother once had a Korean boss who introduced her to the world of shin ramyun, and they have since been a staple in both her house and mine.

2. Nissin Top Ramen Beef


This is the classic. Top Ramen Beef noodles are soooo good. Along with the shin ramyun I mentioned earlier, these are also a staple in my house. I am a spicy food aficionado, so I like to give these bad boys a little oomph with a a few sprinkles of red hot pepper flakes


while cooking so that the noodles can soak it all in.

3. Nissin Chow Mein Beef Teriyaki


Eating these is what prompted me to make this list. These are great, the teriyaki flavor is welcoming. These noodles are thicker than traditional ramen noodles, and instead of a powdered flavor packet, these actually come with a sauce packet.

Well, there you have it. My top 3 ramen noodles. Although there is nothing better than going to a restaurant where you can find freshly prepared ramen.

Good Eats!
24 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm

So it appears that the last post was a year ago. Sheesh!!! How time flies!! lol




Ok well as an ice breaker, here's everything new and improved!


- Graduated with an Associates degree in Social Sciences
- Continuing my studies, pursuing am MBA in MIS (management info systems - Google it)
- Im still dating the same guy from my last post (many food shopping dates later, LOL)
- My hair has been the same color for over a year.  yikes! (does that mean I'm growing up a little bit?? scary)
- I have a new obsession ... wait for it!!!!!
----------------> fashion!


and by fashion, I mean I don't want to look like a 16 year old high school student for the rest of my life (only sometimes) .


So from here on out, after taking a few cues from a bunch of blogs I've been reading, I will share my experience with LiveJournal (since i have no friends here lmaoo)


I shall dub this experience "Epic's Switch'n Style Up Project"!!!


hmmm, i think i like the ring of it.


my ultimate goal is to go from




to this:


03 August 2011 @ 11:50 am

okay so for those ppl who actually know me & the type of person i am, this post will shock yu.

ive been on hiatus, cuz i keep forgetting about LJ (lol). but i just learned there's an android app - which means no reason for me to forget again.

for the past 7 months, ive been dealing with this guy who has brought me so much drama and bullshit - my karma from all my past relationships combined into 1 guy - made me realize what a bitchy asshole ive been. fast forward to the present and everything is great - peachy fuckin keen . ive never been happier ; or felt so strongly about someone who returns the same feelings.

which is why i just had to go on about how yesterday we officially did our first groceries as a couple. usually, his brother does the groceries so whatever. the only other time we did them it was more like him doing them & i just tagged along.

i feel sooo gayyy & giddy & happy because even through all the bullshit, i stayed by his side cuz i knew he was worth fighting for. now, everything is about us - not me, not him, but us. "our food, our fridge, our room, our this, our that"

am i the only person whose ever been happy about 1st time couple grocery shopping ??

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28 April 2010 @ 12:09 pm

so im not too sure about other states, but i know Jersey has a "click it or ticket" law && NY has a similar one. if any 'regular person' is out driving and gets pulled over, oh please let them have their seatbelt on cuz if not, oh man. the cops will have a holiday with you.

so why is it that in my 20 years of life, i have never ever been in a cab that enforced the seatbelt law. never. and let me tell yu, cab drivers are not the best drivers - very far from it. they know all the shortcuts, which is a plus, but they speed and dip and im surprised they don't have a freakinq cab racers crew.

thankfully i have never been in a cab that qot pulled over, but i wonder: would i get in trouble for no seatbelt? i cant even remember if the drivers wear seatbelts themselves! oh man im so confused. haha . whatever . they should at least have a siqn in the cab that enforces the rule cuz i know 75% of drivers that i've had don't speak english . i see arguments breaking out all up in the cabs limited space.

uhhhhh . yeaa

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13 April 2010 @ 01:44 am
okay . howdy !

so yea the Burqer Kinq kinq scares the livinq bejeebus out of me. Like if I was one of those older people who qive out candy on Halloween, and a kid came to my door dressed like that, I would probably jump out of my freakin skin.

Haha. And on top of that, I never liked BK to begin with. I am a McDonalds baby. Give me a snack wrap, fries, and mcnuqqets any day & I will love you forever. McDonalds kicks ass in any fast food competition, so who can blame BK for tryin to be like them? Fuckin biters.

There's this new Burqer Kinq commercial that pissed me off sooo much i had to write about it. I'm pretty sure most of you have seen it - the king is dressed in a king disguise and goes to the McD's headquarters and steals their recipe for a breakfast sandwich. And the narrator clearly says "not that original". WHATTTTTTT !!!!

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23 March 2009 @ 03:42 am

okay well im feeling really shitty about myself right now. me n 2 of my best friends are having a little discussion about college n school n life n they're both actually into school and they're really deep in the conversations and shit and whatever man. FUCK school man i dont even fuckin care man that shit yo i dont know what happened cause i used to be soo into school man and now its like that shit is not for me. but the thing is, it is for me ! and the thing is my mentality is so set on the typical excuse "o yea that school shit is not for me". thats bullshit cause truly i need to be in school and i need to be doing my shit man and i need to be in class and in school and in my professors face. instead of being a 2-time freshman in college dropout, i should be completing my sophomore year. instead of taking the same fucking classes for 3 semesters in a row with a fucking nothing gpa and still a fucking freshman, i should have my foot in the door and ready and knowing about what it is im going to do for the next two years of school. but i dont. im so stuck man. and i shouldnt be like this. im pretty much at a crossroad, i think. i refuse to waste time in school without a definite idea of what im gonna do for the rest of my life. yea, i know it sucks. i mean for now its cool, ya know. just mad jobs here and there in between. but to find my passion. to find what i really want to do. thats whats eating me alive. i have so many different things that i want to do in life and i dont wanna pick just one i wanna be able to do everything and be my own person and all this shit. but i feel as though i cant and to let it out i just do nothing. man i dont know man im just so confused right now. and just now its kicking in that im doing all this shit and like how is it affecting my mother??? i know she worries about me and i know i do stupid shit to add to everything on her plate. wow. okay shes right i do take her for granted. she does so much shit for me and i dont even care. i need to wake the fuck up man. ahhh. okay i think i got this.....
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12 March 2009 @ 02:07 pm

so yea .
jeeeeez its like 19 weeks or sum shit since i posted anythinq
wanna knw a secret ?

--->[ i 4qot i had this . shhh ! ]

so yea as the title implies , i feel loved =]
by who ? ur so nosy !
by everybodi . duh !!!
not sure if i mentioned this earlier , but im qod
[not ur qod . just mi qod] -- its complicated [dont ask]

so yea . the default -- mi roses -- so pretty -- thanx secret admirer
mamis in portico [puerto rico] so im stukc wit da little brother . not bad at all . he loves me . im his mamacita . aww !
nomore skool . lonq story . o well . nomore pharmacy either . thats been done since december tho . qay . major cash flow qone down da drain .
security job since sept. + pharmacy job + extra materials = decent money 
not anymore -- part-time security now . qay . its okay tho . i qot dis 

currently runninq on no sleep in over 24 hours . so cool . doin a deed 2 society [helpin da cuzzo wit skool -- im jus dat awesome] 
wired -- no plans 4 sleeep -- talkinq 2 the secret admirer lol

wutever blah qotta do my hair or sumtinqq
crank dat batman n all dat cool stuff lol
10 December 2008 @ 10:33 pm

Wow. People are so unoriginal these days. So yea i just finished watching this commercial for the some new show on Playhouse Disney. It's called Handy Manny. Jeez !! It's suck a rip-off of Bob the Builder. If you've ever seen Bob the Builder before than you'll know wat im talking about. In Bob the Builder, he's a handyman who has talking construction vehicles. In Handy Manny, he has talking tools. Wow. Idk . Just thought I'd share.

28 July 2008 @ 10:43 pm
ok well yea .. hi !!
lol this is a first .. i mean other than writinq in my childhood diary .. but wutever .. so like everybodi qets 2 read this ? thats kinda c0ol .. so wutever . yea

ok so here's sum stuff b0ut mi ..

im puerto rican n black, but 4 sum stranqe reason i cant stand blk pe0ple .. g0 fiqure lol.
im 0bsessed with my cell ph0ne .. between textinq and playinq qames all day, i q0tta recharqe it a milli0n times a day.
i w0rk at a pharmacy, sumtimesz as a pharmacy tech, sumtimesz as just a cashier/nj lottery operator. if i had to pick, id rather play with medicine all day than push stupid buttons on the registers.
im soon to be a college s0ph0m0re . if everything g0es as planned that is ..
ummmmm wut else . my m0ther is crazy, my 12 yr old lil brother is a crybaby .. i have snake bitesz, 2 silly tattoos on my pelvis .. oo there so awes0me lol . yea idk .

so like 2day, me n my cuzin went 2 chinatown .. [we been plannin since senior yr but been 2 lazy lol]
the last few times i went, there was such a selection of stuff .. but ever since they got raided last year 4 selling fake shit, way too many stores were shut down. therefore, less sh0ps, m0re people in each sh0p. that means the cust0mers get hawked, and all the little shops have the same shit: shades, hats, purses, watches, belt buckles, and jewelry. seriously guys? wh0a
all i have too say is : fukc canal street man

so h0t n tired, after the walk from the village to chinatown .. we were soo on a mission 2day lol ..
wut a nice way 2 end the day: chill at the piers and then come home 2 a nice blunt with my girlfriend.
wut a nice way 2 start the week =]

til next time ..

peace &+ love
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