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28 April 2010 @ 12:09 pm
no seatbelts  

so im not too sure about other states, but i know Jersey has a "click it or ticket" law && NY has a similar one. if any 'regular person' is out driving and gets pulled over, oh please let them have their seatbelt on cuz if not, oh man. the cops will have a holiday with you.

so why is it that in my 20 years of life, i have never ever been in a cab that enforced the seatbelt law. never. and let me tell yu, cab drivers are not the best drivers - very far from it. they know all the shortcuts, which is a plus, but they speed and dip and im surprised they don't have a freakinq cab racers crew.

thankfully i have never been in a cab that qot pulled over, but i wonder: would i get in trouble for no seatbelt? i cant even remember if the drivers wear seatbelts themselves! oh man im so confused. haha . whatever . they should at least have a siqn in the cab that enforces the rule cuz i know 75% of drivers that i've had don't speak english . i see arguments breaking out all up in the cabs limited space.

uhhhhh . yeaa

Epic's Mood: amusedamused