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24 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
1 year later...  

So it appears that the last post was a year ago. Sheesh!!! How time flies!! lol




Ok well as an ice breaker, here's everything new and improved!


- Graduated with an Associates degree in Social Sciences
- Continuing my studies, pursuing am MBA in MIS (management info systems - Google it)
- Im still dating the same guy from my last post (many food shopping dates later, LOL)
- My hair has been the same color for over a year.  yikes! (does that mean I'm growing up a little bit?? scary)
- I have a new obsession ... wait for it!!!!!
----------------> fashion!


and by fashion, I mean I don't want to look like a 16 year old high school student for the rest of my life (only sometimes) .


So from here on out, after taking a few cues from a bunch of blogs I've been reading, I will share my experience with LiveJournal (since i have no friends here lmaoo)


I shall dub this experience "Epic's Switch'n Style Up Project"!!!


hmmm, i think i like the ring of it.


my ultimate goal is to go from




to this: